Heads Up #1! — Hats on Parade

Beautiful, quirky, vintage hats make me happy, so I’ve titled this series “Heads Up!” as a reminder to keep my (currently bald) head up, to pay attention to the good in the world, and as an encouragement to myself and others facing a tough road that it’s possible to find the fun in even the most challenging circumstances.


I’ve collected vintage hats since college. I can’t recall what sparked my initial interest, although I do remember scanning the newspaper for estate sales one summer looking for vintage hats and clothing (this was pre-Craigslist, -eBay, and -Etsy –how times change!). I discovered a treasure trove at a sale in my Georgia hometown that day and have been hooked ever since. I inherited hats from my maternal grandmother, my mom gifted some from her younger days, and others have come as gifts over the years. I also own some great vintage scarves and contemporary toppers that may find their way into this feature occasionally.

I think we lost the opportunity for some serious fashion fun when hats went out of vogue, and I’ve long thought they should have a comeback. I wore my vintage finds regularly for a while, and I still wear hats with pleasure, though these days I reach for contemporary styles more often than I do the oldies. Since choosing good headwear has now become an almost daily ritual, I thought this moment in my life was a good time to dig back into the hatboxes and have a little extra fun with my collection. Why should it stay hidden atop our closet shelves?

So, featured hat #1: A spring-green blocked fabric cloche with three wide ribbon stripes in orange, aqua, and cream. No label, found at a local antique store some years ago.


Perfect for an outdoor summer party, or to add a little cheer to the chemo treatment room!

Heads up, friends!

Next-post preview: What do chickens and an MRI have in common? Revisit on Friday to find out…

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