About the Blog

Still Life, With Cancer is dedicated to the idea that even–maybe especially?–in the face of a cancer diagnosis, life, with all its challenges, griefs, joys, and beauty, still goes on.

I wrote my first post about my cancer diagnosis, “This is My Beach Body,” on Forty-Something First Time Bride, where I blogged about my experiences as a mid-life bride BC (Before Cancer).

Still Life, With Cancer includes essays and reflections on my personal (strange, surprising, and often absurd) journey through this process, as well as some other features: Do Good to Feel Good (ideas for small ways to make the world a better place), Heads Up! (breaking out the vintage hats makes being bald a bit less weird…or maybe they make it weirder, but they’re fun, so who cares?), BCBC–Breast Cancer Book Club (recommendations for books, poems, and articles that bring solace and/or laughter), and Joy Journal (a little art project I have going to focus on the joys in life).

I have also included a page of Contacts and Resources for useful information (I will be adding more links in the near future).

I plan to post on Tuesdays and Fridays, though I must ask the reader’s indulgence if the schedule is a bit loosey-goosey at times. One thing’s for certain: the path I am on right now–which I share with so many others–is unpredictable.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!