About the Blog

Still Life, Beyond Cancer is dedicated to the idea that even–maybe especially?–in the face of a cancer diagnosis, life, with all its challenges, griefs, joys, and beauty, still goes on.

I wrote my first post about my cancer diagnosis, “This is My Beach Body,” on Forty-Something First Time Bride, where I blogged about my experiences as a mid-life bride BC (Before Cancer). I started the blog in 2016, with regular updates through mid-2017, when I took a long hiatus. I’m hoping to return to somewhat regular posts as we round out 2020 and head into 2021, but as we all know, it’s been a weird year….

Still Life, Beyond Cancer includes essays and reflections on my personal (strange, surprising, and often absurd) journey through this process, as well as some other features: Do Good to Feel Good (ideas for small ways to make the world a better place), Heads Up! (breaking out the vintage hats makes being bald a bit less weird…or maybe they make it weirder, but they’re fun, so who cares?), BCBC–Breast Cancer Book Club (recommendations for books, poems, and articles that bring solace and/or laughter), and Joy Journal (a little art project I have going to focus on the joys in life).

I have also included a page of Contacts and Resources for useful information (I hope to add more links in the near future).

I ask the reader’s indulgence for a loosey-goosey posting schedule at present. One thing’s for certain: the path I am on right now–which I share with so many others–is unpredictable.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!